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VÖ: OCTOBER 24, 2014

"Timeless" (2014) is a really apt title for what David Garrett does together with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Zubin Mehta on this album: they play timeless classics, the two most frequently recorded violin concertos ever. David Garrett said goodbye to 'strict' classical music a few years ago. He dedicated himself to the mission of bringing classical music, and especially the violin, closer to a large, young and enthusiastic audience by rocking and popping to his audiences. With "Timeless" David Garrett releases a pure, timeless classical album together with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Zubin Mehta.

The two violin concertos by Johannes Brahms and Max Bruch are not only timelessly beautiful, they are perfectly suited to make the hearts of music lovers beat faster. Brahms and Bruch have been recorded so often because they are simply beautiful music of the Romantic period.
With "Timeless" David Garrett pays homage to the history of violin records in a touching way. On the majority of vinyl records that had this Brahms violin concerto on the A-side, the break was on the B-side - and vice versa. Only in the last two decades have artists and labels moved away from this perennial, timeless combination. The fact that David Garrett recorded Brahms and Bruch on "Timeless"The fact that he is now reunited with the top orchestra Israel Philharmonic and Maestro Zubin Mehta is a beautiful reference to his classical training, his wonderful instruments and his teachers.

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