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VÖ: MARCH 22, 2013

For me personally "14" is the connection between the recordings I made as a child and the albums I record now as an adult. I'm very happy that the CD is coming out after so many years, because I think it's bringing my story together a little bit.
It is the story of the exceptional violinist David Garrett, so unusual and in which music has played the main role since the beginning. "14" refers to the teenage years, the time of growing up, and it was precisely in this formally tense period of life that the CD recordings took place.

14" is an extraordinary contemporary historical document, which, as it were, as a snapshot from the year 1995, illuminates a groundbreaking station in the artist's career. The album is now finally released for the first time and with this release the listener gets the rare opportunity to compare the once young violinist with the star violinist who is now established all over the world.

Conceived as a virtuoso recital, "14" provides an insight into the sheer incredible technique and musicality of the youngest artist in the history of Deutsche Grammophon. It allows a trip into the musical past of the violinist and five-time Echo Award winner, who with his concept of bringing young people to classical music has brought more movement to the classical scene in recent years than anyone before him.

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